Monday, February 9, 2009

Baroque Scroll Trompe L'oeil

My friend, Jackie helped me hang some of my art
at my house. You would think that would not be a
difficult task but it was for me. In exchange, I am
painting this scroll in her daughter's bedroom.
The base coat is metallic taupe, a little bit of gold
and shaded with red copper. These are folk art colors.

This is the first step. I will come back in a day

or so and add more shadows and highlights.
The background looks brown but it is eggplant.
The bed is a beautiful aged copper 4 poster.
It was such a blessing to listen to Jackie and her
daughter chatting as I was painting: girl talk,
helping with homework, mother-daughter stuff,
lingering, putting off the trip back to college.
As I am writing this I think that is how God is with us
and how I want to be with Him, to linger in His
presence, to enjoy conversations with Him, not asking
for anything in particular, drawing from His wisdom
and knowledge, Father-daughter talk,
but mostly just being with Him.

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