Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebration of the Hearts

Last weekend I had the priviledge of
being the guest artist at
Celebraton of the Hearts, a fund raising
event for Mission Messiah. It was
held at the Green Tree Country Club.
The food was delicious!!!Joe asked the event coordinator where
he should sit. She told him that he could
sit at any table that didn't have a
reserved sign on it. After he chose a seat,
this kind gentleman came to sit at the
same table. Joe told he that until I
had been asked to paint, we had never
heard of Mission Messiah. He asked him if
he knew anything about that ministry.
The man introduced himself and told
Joe that he was the founder of the Mission.
How awesome was that?!?
The hope of Mission Messiah
is that every hurting woman experiences
the unconditional love of Jesus and finds
a new life in Christ. God has a plan and a
purpose for every life and His heart is the
restoration of each one us to His Divine Call.
Through a disciplined structure of prayer,
Bible study, scripture memorization,
Biblical counseling, work assignments and
recreation, residents are taught life and
leadership skills. Each woman also receives
educational and career counseling
as well as financial management training.
Life at the Mission is very family-oriented
rather than institutional. Mothers are
encouraged to have their children with
them during this time of healing.
I painted while the guests visited, ate,
and placed bids for the silent auction.
There was a lot of art donated by local
artists. The featured artist,
Jennifer Contini, brought several very
large pieces from her studio in New York.
Those were offered in the live auction.

This is my friend, Annette.

The event was her niece's vision.

The finished piece-up for auction!

"The Father's Heart"
The scripture emphasis was from
Malachi 5:6 He will turn the hearts of the
fathers to their children, and the
hearts of the children to their fathers.
The Father’s hands emerge from the darkness
in the shape of a heart. The Father’s
hands are painted using all the colors of flesh.
Cradled in the hands are 3 forms:
blue for the sons, pink for the daughters,
and purple (the combination of blue and pink)
for the earthly fathers. Their arms overlap
each other also forming a heart.
This is a two-edged message.
Not only is God turning earthly father’s
and children’s heart toward each other but
as His spiritual sons and daughters,
He is turning our hearts to Him.
The Hebrew word for turning means
“to return home again”. Let’s return to Him!
To purchase prints of this image
a portion will go to Mission Messiah!


  1. I had planned on coming to the Mission Messiah event, but we were in San Antonio. I'm sorry I missed it AND YOU. Love and blessings to you.

  2. Nathalie, hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello. What nice pictures of you at the fund raiser. You have such pretty hair. Mine's salt and pepper too and I wouldn't color it for anything.

    I hope it's cooler in TX today! :-)


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