Friday, December 3, 2010

Faith Moves Mountains Silk Flag

I painted several silk flags for fellow worship flaggers
in Abilene. One special order that I really enjoyed
painting was "Faith Moves Mountains"

Stephen and I went to Abilene to deliver the flags
and had the privilege of getting to explore the
highest point in Taylor County. The rocks in the
background were all compressed bits of shell.
This whole area was, at sometime in the past,
under water. Imagine.

Debra and Angel are worshipping intercessors
with a passion to see God's love and power poured
out on the Big Country. Angel and her husband are
the owners of this beautiful, rugged piece of property.

We walked, worshipped, prayed, and spoke
declarations as we carried these 2 flags to the highest
point. It was so awesome. We could see for miles!
They said that the area looks a lot like some of the
places they had seen in Israel.

Thank you, Debbie and Angel for a great morning
in His Presence and allowing me to
"Worship God With All My Art"!

Also, I have added a couple of new pages.
Check out the Silk Flags page.
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