Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jimmy, Pam, and Wanda - '57 Chevy Photo Shoot

My friends Jimmy and Pam asked me to
help them with a project.
Monday before the winter storm hit,
the 4 of us went on a "photo shoot".
What 4? Jimmy, Pam, Wanda and me.
Wanda is a restored '57 Chevy.
She is one red, hot mama convertible.
While I was iced in a played around with the photos
and my Photoshop. It was so much fun.
I have many more but I am only going to
post a few of them.
 Jimmy and Pam are so in love.
They are such a cute couple.
OOPS! Sorry, Wanda!
Y'all are such a cute threesome.
What is so awesome is that Wanda was redeemed
from the pit of destruction. Jimmy had a vision.
He and Pam went on a search.
They looked and looked until they f
ound "her-Wanda". Jimmy saw past the dents
and rust and knew what potential Wanda had. He paid
the price, sacrificed his time, and lovingly restored Wanda.
Jesus does that with us. 
He redeems our lives from the pit. He has already paid
the price. He knows what potential lies within us
waiting to be released. He loving restores us.
Often times the process is not all fun and games
but the end result is glorious!

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