Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wine, Strawberry, and Red Dots

 Wine and Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 16"X 20"
Sold at auction to benefit Scurry County Museum.
It will be going to Amsterdam in the very near future.
I painted it during the Chocolate Fest. That was fun.
There was a bidding war between 2 couples. The
young couple approached me and shared that they were 
disappointed because they really wanted the painting and
knew that they would be outbid.
I had painted a watercolor study on Friday

I just happened to have it in the van. 
They bought the watercolor immediately. 
We were all happy.
So what's with the red dots?
 At a show, when the work is sold but stays
until the end of the show, a red dot is placed 
on the tag. Red Dots means SOLD!!!
I love Red Dots!

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