Friday, June 3, 2011

San Miguel Mission - Trying Something New

The San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe
is the oldest mission in the United States.
Joe and I visited Santa Fe several years ago and I
found many wonderful sights to photograph.
The mission was one of those.
Well, this afternoon I decided to try a technique that
I have never used before. I started with just loose color 
mingling. Then, some details. I really enjoy the challenge 
of watercolors and realism so this semi loose
style is a stretch for me.
However, I do like the brighter colors.
Might have to try this again sometime.
 I painted the one on the left in '09and it is my watercolor
class project for thenext two weeks.
Just wanted to try some watercolor drama.
Let me know which one you like best.
Thanks for stopping by!

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