Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cait and Her Horse - WIP almost finished

I'm back! I am almost finished.
Now to start on Caitlyn!
A little shadow on her face and
a bit of work on the hat.

Eyes, nose, and mouth. HMMM!
Something is wrong but I am not sure what.
I know! If I didn't tell you,
you probably wouldn't
even know that it's not quite right.
But, if you know Caitlyn you would know.
I want to this to look like her.
Lord, help me to see what I need to see.
While I am trying to figure out what I
need to fix, I will work on her shirt.
Another coat of red.
The horse was easier to paint.
Of course, I don't know the horse.

Now some shadows!

Some white plaid.
I think I may have figured it out.
The changes are subtle.
And some are only two or three brush hairs wide.
I think I am getting closer.
More plaid. And some details to the hat.

Next, the scarf.
I love painting fabric folds and
this is not only fabric folds
but satin fabric folds. Fun!

The horse's halter and her earring.

Base coat on her hair. I am so close.
Almost finished.
All I lack (I think) is her hair,
her hand, detail on the earring,
and a tiny bit more on her face.
As I have been working on this
I have prayed for Cait and her mom.
I love them, both!
Cait loves Jesus and she has some s
trong, godly influences in her life.
She loves horses and I know
that Jesus loves horses, too.
When He returns, He will be riding a white horse.
The Spirit and the Bride say,
"Come quickly, Lord Jesus"
I know why the Bride would say, "Come quickly".
But why would the Spirit say that, too?
I wonder if it is because He (the Spirit) is stuck
here on the earth, with us, until Jesus returns.
Check back later, I may finish this weekend.
After this, I will start a 4 foot X 16 foot
mural for a local business

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