Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thanks for the Rain

Here's the rain on my windshield
and it's not photoshop!
Thank you, Lord!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Purple Sage and Rain-Today

This was the sky yesterday morning.
We could see the rain-
so close and so far away.
It didn't rain yesterday.
I was beginning to think I was just an
"old wife" with the tale about the purple sage.
Remember, I told you that when the purple
sages bloomed it would rain within 10 days.
Today was day #10. This afternoon the
clouds rolled in, the sky darkened,
and water began to fall from the sky. There was some discussion concerning,
"was it raining, sprinkling, or drizzling."
My thought-it was a
wonderful shower of blessings.
The air was a little cool. It smelled wonderful.
And the sprinkles felt wonderful.
Isaiah 45:7-8 I form the light and create
darkness, I bring prosperity and create
disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things.
"You heavens above, rain down
righteousness; let the clouds shower
it down. Let the earth open wide,
let salvation spring up,
let righteousness grow with it;
I, the LORD, have created it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Art of Conversation

This past Sunday we went to Sweetwater
to visit Emmauel Fellowship.
It is always such a blessing. After church Joe
and I went to Mrs. Allen's a very popular,
family-style restaurant. It is great fun
and the food is wonderful! The people
we sat with had never eaten there
before and were a bit surprised. The tables seat 8 and you just grab a spot.
The waitresses bring huge bowls of food and it is,
"Pass the mashed potatos, please";
"Could you hand me that platter of fried chicken."
and "Save room for the cobbler."
The most fun part is getting to meet new
people. Brittany and Tyler were from the
San Antonio area and the family of females
from Mesquite. They were just traveling thru
and saw all the cars and assumed that
the food must be good. They were right.
We chatted about occupations, interests,
and how did you meet.
You know Jesus did a lot of his minstry
and teaching at meal times.
He taught when he feed the 5,000,
at Mary and Martha's home,
at Zacchaeus' home, at Simon the Leper's
home, and at the Passover.
Maybe we are just more relaxed
when we sit at the table.
Food, Friends and Fellowship!
Invite Jesus to come and sit at your table.
"Please, pass me some of the fish and loaves!"
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Purple Sage and Rain

It could be that I am an "old wife"
but I think this is worth sharing.
In our area of Texas we have bushes
known as Purple Sage.
Most of the time they are dusty, silver gray.
But sometimes they like to show off with
beautiful purple blooms.
Now the old wife part.
When the Purple Sage blooms,
it will rain within 10 days.
It can rain without them blooming
but when they bloom it will rain. It was about 15 years ago that I heard that,
so I began to pay attention.
When you live in a very dry area you pay
attention to anything having to do with rain.
In all those years, I have only witnessed one time
that it did not rain within the 10 days.
And another intersting thing I have noticed
is the brighter the blooms are, the heavier the
rain will be. The sages popped out bright
purple blossoms Sunday. That means
by next Wednesday it should rain!!!
"Let It Rain"
Let it rain. Let it rain.
Open the windows of heaven! Let it rain!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebration of the Hearts

Last weekend I had the priviledge of
being the guest artist at
Celebraton of the Hearts, a fund raising
event for Mission Messiah. It was
held at the Green Tree Country Club.
The food was delicious!!!Joe asked the event coordinator where
he should sit. She told him that he could
sit at any table that didn't have a
reserved sign on it. After he chose a seat,
this kind gentleman came to sit at the
same table. Joe told he that until I
had been asked to paint, we had never
heard of Mission Messiah. He asked him if
he knew anything about that ministry.
The man introduced himself and told
Joe that he was the founder of the Mission.
How awesome was that?!?
The hope of Mission Messiah
is that every hurting woman experiences
the unconditional love of Jesus and finds
a new life in Christ. God has a plan and a
purpose for every life and His heart is the
restoration of each one us to His Divine Call.
Through a disciplined structure of prayer,
Bible study, scripture memorization,
Biblical counseling, work assignments and
recreation, residents are taught life and
leadership skills. Each woman also receives
educational and career counseling
as well as financial management training.
Life at the Mission is very family-oriented
rather than institutional. Mothers are
encouraged to have their children with
them during this time of healing.
I painted while the guests visited, ate,
and placed bids for the silent auction.
There was a lot of art donated by local
artists. The featured artist,
Jennifer Contini, brought several very
large pieces from her studio in New York.
Those were offered in the live auction.

This is my friend, Annette.

The event was her niece's vision.

The finished piece-up for auction!

"The Father's Heart"
The scripture emphasis was from
Malachi 5:6 He will turn the hearts of the
fathers to their children, and the
hearts of the children to their fathers.
The Father’s hands emerge from the darkness
in the shape of a heart. The Father’s
hands are painted using all the colors of flesh.
Cradled in the hands are 3 forms:
blue for the sons, pink for the daughters,
and purple (the combination of blue and pink)
for the earthly fathers. Their arms overlap
each other also forming a heart.
This is a two-edged message.
Not only is God turning earthly father’s
and children’s heart toward each other but
as His spiritual sons and daughters,
He is turning our hearts to Him.
The Hebrew word for turning means
“to return home again”. Let’s return to Him!
To purchase prints of this image
a portion will go to Mission Messiah!

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