Tuesday, November 17, 2009

King of Kings W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Part 3

Here's the last phase of this painting.
I was so unhappy with most of this
painting that I should have just scrapped
the whole thing and started over.
But, I also felt that there
was potential here. I have photoshopped
out his face until the end. No peeking! I changed the crown, the hair color, and
the placement and strength of His hands,
the folds of the garment, and added
a "golden sash around His chest". Rev. 1:13 I was going to paint the scepter with jewels
on it but then decided on one large pearl,
the pearl of great price. Matt. 13:46
In the crown I set one drop of blood.
I finished the piece Saturday morning
while listening to "Crown Him With Many Crowns",
"I Worship You Almighty God",
"Meet With Me", and "Worthy is the Lamb".
I was almost undone!!!
I totally enjoyed redoing this painting.
Take a close look! Enlarge the image.
Let me remind you that we do not worship
the likeness or image of Jesus.
Rather, we-I worship HIM.
He alone is worthy!
I believe that Jesus and Father God
enjoy taking our lives, what we believe to
be messed up beyond repair,
and transforming them.
They transform our lives into
works of art that glorify our Creator.
Jesus loves you just as you are.
He also loves you too much to
leave you just as you are.
Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

King of Kings W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Part 2

Welcome back!
I removed the tape that was protecting
the work I had already done.
The image is King of Kings-King Jesus.
The throne is the mercy seat.
I painted over the cherubim.
As I began to re-read Exodus
and the pattern of the tabernacle
and the mercy seat, I discovered that it
seems that the cherubim were standing.
Most artistic interpretations of the
mercy seat show them kneeling.

Now for the challenge of painting gold
without using metallic gold. So far, so good.
I like the gold effect but not His face.
I gave Him white hair from
the Revelation description
As I was painting the wings and feathers,
I turned my easel so that I could
watch a movie with Joe.
We watched "The Christmas Cottage".
It is the story of Thomas Kinade and
how he became the painter of light.
It was so inspirational.
Nathalie Kelley-the painter of ________?
One day !
Come back soon to see the finished painting.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

King of Kings W.I.P. (Work In Progress)

This post will be in three or four parts,
so stay with me. This doesn't look like
much right now but I think you will be
pleasantly surprised. Right now it looks
like a black and white cow!
I started this painting during the
His Joy Ministries "Worship Explosion".
I painted a rainbow (3 times).
I was never happy with the way that it looked.
So I blocked it out and started over. It looks like a mess right now
but I think I am finally on the track
to capture what I imagined.
I taped over the Jesus image so
I wouldn't have so much to redo (I thought)!
No rainbow this time,
just an explosion of rainbow colors,
the colors of God's promise.An old toothbrush and some
thinned white paint and what do you get?
Splatter, spots...STARS!
A few thin white lines this way and that and
Shooting stars or comets or
galaxies celebrating the King!
Be sure to come back for the
rest of the picture.
Thanks for stopping by.
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