Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cherry Picking Time Poured Watercolor

This is a poured watercolor piece. It's 16"x20".
 Here are a few in process photos. 
I didn't photograph the first several steps (Sorry!)
Finished piece!

I masked out all of the white areas. 
Poured liquid watercolor: red, yellow and blue.
Mingled it on the paper.
The first photo below is first pour and second masking layer
The second photo is after 4 repeats

Below: Ready for the reveal. Scary and exciting at the same time Oh my,  I was super excited!
But, the colors are a little flat in places and the cherries are really flat.

So now I need to add a few glazing layers, soften the highlights, and bump up the darks.
I saved the tablecloth and the stems to just paint directly.They are not poured.


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