Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giant Leap!

Tomorrow is my last day at work.
After 10 years as a purchaser at our local prison,
I am taking early retirement.
We found at little shop just a half block off the square.
It's on the busiest, main street-location, location.
Doesn't look too bad here.But, looks can be deceiving!!!
I will change the sign and the broken front door
is now fixed. It smelled really bad.
Old and closed up, musty, moldy...not now.
The ceiling tile looked like patchwork
and the light fixtures resembled vintage ice trays.
The landlord told us we could do whatever
we wanted to. The ceiling tile and lights are gone,
revealing an embossed tin ceiling underneath
The old carpet and tile is also gone.

I will post more pictures of the progress later.
Be sure and stop back by.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Mural is Completed

The room is finished.
What great fun it was to paint it! It brought back such wonderful memories.
When my sons were young we listened to the story
on an LP that was played on a child's record player.
We just about wore the grooves out.
Then we graduated to VHS when
Stephen came along and now DVD!
I love the story of good triumphing of evil.

As I painted the scenes I prayed for the children
who would stay in this room (which I am told may
evently have green shag carpet, hamocks, and a tent!!!
That would be too cool!). I prayed that the Lord would
protect their hearts and minds and deliver them from
the traps that the enemy sets for them. I could see
in the snake's eyes how he wants to entice and
lure our children away that he might
squeeze the very life out of them.

And the tiger was up to no good and wanted
to destroy the lad! He was a liar just like the
enemy of our soul. The panther was always
gently leading, guiding, and trying to protect the boy.
After a lot of monkeying around, a great battle
ensued between the tiger and the bear.
The bear fought valiantly and was willing to
lay down own his life to save the boy.
Greater love has no man than that heshould
lay down his life for another. How sad when we
thought that the bear was dead BUT NO!
He was ALIVE.
Now, I am not saying that this was a
gospel story but I love when my Lord
speaks to me thru the simpliest things.
The Love of Jesus is without a doubt
the bare necessity of life!!!
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