Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Morning Glory watercolor WIP

Here is a new piece that I just finished. I think it took me longer to make the slide show than it did to paint the morning glory.
"His mercies are new every morning" Press the play button to view the slide show

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Apple Deli Sign

A New York style deli has opened in Snyder.
It is called Big Apple Deli.
B.A.D. for fun. I was asked to paint the
sign for this very unique place.
It was a lot of up and down the ladder.
Or up and down several ladders.
My Granddad on my mom's side was a sign
painter and my dad is a sign painter. It's not
my favorite thing to paint. But, I do love to paint.
In another blog I will share about my art heritage
and then the promise that God gave me concerning
my talents and abilities.
Cute worm peeking out of the apple!

There it is! A friend of mine has a picture of the
front of the restuarant on her blog.
And the deli has wonderful food!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cait and Her Horse - Finished (I think)

I am almost there!
Highlights in her hair.
Shadows on her neck.
Now the details on her hand and
her earring. Deeper shadow under
the brim of her hat.
Eyelashes on the horse.

Well, I think this is it! Maybe!
Anyway, I have put away the palette
for right now.

Here is the reference photo. I may need
to warm up her skin tone just a bit.
I worry about over working it.

W.I.P. Work In Progress. That is us in the
Father's hands. He loves us just the way
we are but He loves us way too much
to leave us the way we are.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cait and Her Horse - WIP almost finished

I'm back! I am almost finished.
Now to start on Caitlyn!
A little shadow on her face and
a bit of work on the hat.

Eyes, nose, and mouth. HMMM!
Something is wrong but I am not sure what.
I know! If I didn't tell you,
you probably wouldn't
even know that it's not quite right.
But, if you know Caitlyn you would know.
I want to this to look like her.
Lord, help me to see what I need to see.
While I am trying to figure out what I
need to fix, I will work on her shirt.
Another coat of red.
The horse was easier to paint.
Of course, I don't know the horse.

Now some shadows!

Some white plaid.
I think I may have figured it out.
The changes are subtle.
And some are only two or three brush hairs wide.
I think I am getting closer.
More plaid. And some details to the hat.

Next, the scarf.
I love painting fabric folds and
this is not only fabric folds
but satin fabric folds. Fun!

The horse's halter and her earring.

Base coat on her hair. I am so close.
Almost finished.
All I lack (I think) is her hair,
her hand, detail on the earring,
and a tiny bit more on her face.
As I have been working on this
I have prayed for Cait and her mom.
I love them, both!
Cait loves Jesus and she has some s
trong, godly influences in her life.
She loves horses and I know
that Jesus loves horses, too.
When He returns, He will be riding a white horse.
The Spirit and the Bride say,
"Come quickly, Lord Jesus"
I know why the Bride would say, "Come quickly".
But why would the Spirit say that, too?
I wonder if it is because He (the Spirit) is stuck
here on the earth, with us, until Jesus returns.
Check back later, I may finish this weekend.
After this, I will start a 4 foot X 16 foot
mural for a local business

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cait and Her Horse WIP Acrylic

Here is a new painting that I am working on. It is "Cait and Her Horse", 11" X 14", acrylic on canvas. After sketching, I masked the areas that I wanted to protect. I used regular masking tape and just didn't leave it on very long. Background is added.

Removed the tape.

Started base coats on the horse and her hat.

Added flesh tone.

The shirt base coat.


Time to start adding details Ears first.

Face. In the reference photo, the horse has a winter coat. Little shaggy.

Now the eyes. Grey blue.

Some pink on the nose. I am concerned about capturing the velvety surface of the horse's nose.

Maybe that will work.

Got the mane finished, too. Now to work on Cait. Check back later to see the progress.

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