Monday, November 23, 2015

"I Am An Artist" Mixed Media Art

I used Donna Downey's "I Am An Artist" stencil 
as the main focus of this video.

This was so much fun to do. I hope you enjoy the video!
So, grab some supplies and let's get started.

I used: Golden's Matte Medium
Golden's Molding Paste
Golden's Carbon Black Acrylic
Assorted other acrylic colors
E6000 Adhesive
2" chip brush
*I do not receive any compensate from the companies or 
products mentioned.
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Angie from the Airport - Watercolor Portrait

During a 3 hour layover at the Denver airport,
I saw a very striking, red-headed gal sporting
a cowboy hat and green leather jacket. 

I introduced myself to her and asked if I could 
take her picture and paint her portrait. 
She was delighted that I found her "striking" 
since she had been at the airport for 7 hours.
And I was delighted at the sound of her voice (accent).
Her name is Angie and she is from England.
Thought you might enjoy seeing the work
in progress.

This is actually the second layer. First layer was 
a purple wash, like on the cowboy hat. The flesh wash
was a mix of cranberry and yellow, burnt sienna for the hair.
I masked a few areas that needed to be white or very light.
Added shadows and a grey wash to the hat.
For the background, I repeated the 
colors from her hair and jacket. 
I removed the masking fluid and
adjusted the details.

She had a lovely smile but my favorite shot
was this one, looking just a little thoughtful.
 Thank you, Angie for allowing
me into your space for just a moment!!!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Little About Art and A Lot About...

Several months ago I started teaching some 4 week art classes at
Western Texas College - College on the Square.

Actually it was July 2014. My time sure gets away!
We did a mixed media classes.

We did a watercolor classes.
(Different group of ladies and a few repeats)

We did an Abstract classes.
(another different group of ladies with a few repeats)

We cut, glued, blended, printed, painted, stamped,
smeared, stenciled, glazed, floated, scumbled, and doodled.
We fussed, discussed, celebrated, cried, and rejoiced.We got our hands dirty.
We had fun!!!
We stretched our minds around new techniques.
But more important than discovering and uncovering
new skills to make art was the art of making friends.

For me, it is the friendships that have made in the midst of
spilled paint and spilled tears,
torn paper and torn lives,
shared ideas and shared grief,

excitement over a successful work of art
and excitement over an answered prayer.
For me, it is a little about art and
a whole lot about relationships!!!
To God Be The Glory!!!

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