Thursday, December 29, 2011

Orange Lilies in a White Pitcher

I am so proud of my watercolor students. They are
doing so good! I really felt like they were ready for 
this piece. We didn't just jump straight into the piece.
We painted leaves,
and we painted the white pitcher.
I love the simplicity of this pitcher.
The orange lilies were from my niece's wedding,
the leaves were from the oak tree in our 
front yard, and the doily is from my 
stash of vintage crochet.

We took our time and painted for several
My favorite teaching quote:
Tell me, I will probably forget.
Show me, I might remember.
Involve me and I will never forget.

And we have learned - 
practice, practice, practice
paint, paint, paint!
Above all, we have fun 
and enjoy each other!

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