Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cherry Parfait Rose Watercolor Demo

My friend, Trina has this great blog.

She had a photo of this beautiful rose that

was growing in her yard. I thought it was breathtaking.

I asked if I could use the image as a reference for

this watercolor. I didn't know the name of the rose

but thought that surely it was "Rose of Sharon".

With that pure white center and the tips of the petals

that looked as if they were edged with blood,I thought

of Jesus and the purity of His Life and the brutality of

His death, just for me (and you)!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baroque Scroll Trompe L'oeil - Part 4

Jackie sent me pictures after she finished
decorating the room.
All the extra touches really and the WOW factor!
This was a wonderful painting experience.

Yards and yards of drapery, elegant pillows, plush fabrics!
Another friend Melissa said that it reminded her of the
"Secret Place", The Holy Place, and the corner scrolls
reminded her of the cheribum covering the ark.

Come back soon!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baroque Scroll Trompe L'oeil - Part 3

It's President's Day and I got to finish the scroll!
A little more depth in the shadows, under the
tips, and under the scroll.Doing the right hand scroll was easy but doing the
left hand side I had to think in reverse. I had to
use the other side of my brain! That was tricky!
Right side - finished!

TA DA! This design has a very royal look.
I pray that as Chelsea looks at this
scroll design she will remember that
the ones that love her have prepared a
special place just for her and that
she is a precious "Daughter of the King"!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Baroque Scroll Trompe L'oeil - Part 2

I'm back with the next steps in the scroll work.
I added a metallic brown to deepen the shadows.
Next, burnt umber (not metallic) to add more depth.
I also added a little curl to the tips of the scroll.
I will come back later with the background color and
clean up my edges and seperate the areas where
I got too close. I will also add shadows behind the
scroll to lift it away from the wall.

Come back soon to see more of the scroll.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Baroque Scroll Trompe L'oeil

My friend, Jackie helped me hang some of my art
at my house. You would think that would not be a
difficult task but it was for me. In exchange, I am
painting this scroll in her daughter's bedroom.
The base coat is metallic taupe, a little bit of gold
and shaded with red copper. These are folk art colors.

This is the first step. I will come back in a day

or so and add more shadows and highlights.
The background looks brown but it is eggplant.
The bed is a beautiful aged copper 4 poster.
It was such a blessing to listen to Jackie and her
daughter chatting as I was painting: girl talk,
helping with homework, mother-daughter stuff,
lingering, putting off the trip back to college.
As I am writing this I think that is how God is with us
and how I want to be with Him, to linger in His
presence, to enjoy conversations with Him, not asking
for anything in particular, drawing from His wisdom
and knowledge, Father-daughter talk,
but mostly just being with Him.

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