Beyond Beyond Week 1
 Photography, F-stops, ISO, White Balance,
Photoshop, CS6, Textures, Layers, Crop, Enhance...
Sound like Greek? Kim Klassen's classes (say that 3 times, fast)
are just the ticket. Last year I was part of her Beyond Layers.
Well, maybe not part...more like lurk.
I paid my money but just did not participate.
I always looked to see
what everyone else was creating or saying, but not me.

I signed up again this year for Beyond Beyond. This was the Week 1
assignment. I started off a week behind, so here we go.
One subject, still life or whatever, just don't move it around.
It is photographed from several angles.
 I have to say this was fun. My favorite is the middle one.
I like the angle and the title on the book. My friend, Renee gave me the
book to tear up for some of my mixed media art. I had not
noticed the title until I decided to use it as a prop for this.
I used Kim's texture minus43 in soft light
2B = Beyond Beyond Kim Klassen's

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