Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comission in Progress- West Texas Sunset or Sunrise

I am working on a new commission.
It is 3 canvases 4' X 5'. This is easier for me
than having to go up and down a ladder.
The client is a photographer so I asked if he had a
sunset or sunrise image that would be used. He did!
OH MY! OH MY! I believe that God may have been
showing of the morning that he took the photo. After working on this for a long while I thought I just
might have to get out the white paint and a roller
and paint over it and start all over. I took several
breaks. I worked in the yard a little bit a
then came back to it.
I decided to move on to the center canvas and
work on the light source. The colors are so vibrant.
It's a real challenge! Mom called about the time
I was ready to start over. She was so encouraging
and she told me how to make a "scruffie" "puffy"
cloud brush. Break time (again)!!! Wal Mart here I come.
Got a brush! Used my razor knife!
HMMM!Well, that didn't work out too good.
I used some C clamps to put the canvases together
to make sure the clouds connect.
The client will be able to hang these side by side
or seperate them and hangin different locations.
And if, they decide to move then
the artwork can move too!

I worked on it some more this morning.

It's geting better but now I need to get ready for church!

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