Wednesday, May 27, 2009

West Texas Sunset or Sunrise - Continued

Okay, now back to the mural. The photos are
still showing it as a work in progress but,
in reality it is finished and delivered to it's new home.
This is the left panel. There are 3. There are
buffalo in the background and the the white spot
that you can see behind the pump jack is the
white buffalo that was killed in Scurry County.
It is part of this county's history. Then, there is
the country store and wooden oil derricks.
On one of my afternoon research trips I took
a little drive out the Clairemont Highway.
I found washed out spot that was kind of rugged.
I added it in front of the oil derricks.
One of the old historical photos I found had an
oil derrick with a gusher. My friend, Marianne Randals
was telling me that when she was young they
would take their chairs out to the oil fields
to watch as the wells came in. Snyder has
experienced oil booms and then oil busts.

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