Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Memory Box

This morning after I had my coffee on the back
porch I decided to pull out the memory box and
take some photos of it. My mom had asked for the
"Lucky 13" newspaper article. So, here goes!
She made this box for me in the 70's.
There are some precious
momentos on this little box.


This photo is me helping Daddy with
I am evidently totally uninhibited and
getting into the paint was more important
than getting dressed. Hope you're not blushing!!!
I cropped the picture just for you!

Here's the article that Momma requested.
"13" Is Lucky Number For McKinney Girl".
Born 6/13, weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz.,
Room 313, Baby #13.
I am NOT superstisious (sp?).
I don't believe in luck-I believe in Jesus!


There is a newspaper article from the
Dallas Morning News,"Engineers With Curls".
Soozy and I helped Daddy survey the street in
front of our house. The city was extending it
to meet the highway and to build the Gibson store.
That was before Wal Mart. I also helped
Daddy survey the area for Lake Towakoni.
Then, there is a picture
of me and Soozy in our Easter bonnets,
ruffled dresses, and patent leather shoes.

The back of the "Station Wagon".
That's another story.
We are ready to go on vacation.
Probably to the beach,
and definitely camping.
I love the old (it was new then) metal cooler.
That's my baby brother, Kenney standing up.


We were McKinney Lions fans.
I don't think Daddy ever missed a
game, no matter how cold or rainy it was.
And we would travel across the state
for championship games. Every week during
football season Daddy drew school spirit cartoons
for the newspaper. Our school mascot was this
HUGE stuffed lion. I remember waking
up one morning and the lion was in Kenney's
baby bed in our room. It scared me at first then,
I felt proud and OOOH so priviledged.
"The Lion" was at our house!
How could one girl be so "lucky"?!?


Soozy, Kenney, and me in my with
my wanna be a hippie hair.
I wanted long, straight hair.
Oh well, I am not going to go there!

This side of the box has some of
my early handiwork, a painting
of a snow scene, an article about Daddy
and his portraits, and a day pass
and 10 cent ticket to Disneyland.
That was from 1955 or '56.
That was before Six Flags,
Orlando, Disney World.....

For some reason there are no articles
about Momma on this box.
It could be because she made the box
and left those things out.
She was and still is very involved in
anything and everything to do with
her family. She was most likely on the
other side of the camera when the
pictures were taken.
Here is the newspaper article about
Daddy and the portraits that he painted.

This has been a precious trip
this morning. As much fun as going on
vacation to the beach but without all the
sand and sunburns.
See Ya Later, Alligator!
* Sorry if you got this twice.
The picture of the back was missing
and I couldn't leave that out.


  1. Ok...I'd give anything if someone had been so loving and made me a Memory Box...or anything for that matter.

    I lived in West Texas in the late 70's. My daddy pastored a church there (Kermit). He was actually born in Wink...do you know of it?

    I love your sweet Blog....and share your heart for JESUS!


  2. Rebecca, thank you for visiting my blog. It must have been hard being a "preacher's kid" in West Texas. I know Kermit. I lived there in the 50's. OOOPS! Just dated myself. I don't know Wink. Sometimes life comes so hard and fast that it is hard to remember that life is really made up of moments and memories. I pray that the Lord would bring to your rememberance the sweet memories of your past and that they would bring healing to you. I didn't see a way to reply to you directly.
    I hope you visit again soon.


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