Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Art of Conversation

This past Sunday we went to Sweetwater
to visit Emmauel Fellowship.
It is always such a blessing. After church Joe
and I went to Mrs. Allen's a very popular,
family-style restaurant. It is great fun
and the food is wonderful! The people
we sat with had never eaten there
before and were a bit surprised. The tables seat 8 and you just grab a spot.
The waitresses bring huge bowls of food and it is,
"Pass the mashed potatos, please";
"Could you hand me that platter of fried chicken."
and "Save room for the cobbler."
The most fun part is getting to meet new
people. Brittany and Tyler were from the
San Antonio area and the family of females
from Mesquite. They were just traveling thru
and saw all the cars and assumed that
the food must be good. They were right.
We chatted about occupations, interests,
and how did you meet.
You know Jesus did a lot of his minstry
and teaching at meal times.
He taught when he feed the 5,000,
at Mary and Martha's home,
at Zacchaeus' home, at Simon the Leper's
home, and at the Passover.
Maybe we are just more relaxed
when we sit at the table.
Food, Friends and Fellowship!
Invite Jesus to come and sit at your table.
"Please, pass me some of the fish and loaves!"
Thanks for stopping by!

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