Friday, July 17, 2009

Purple Sage and Rain

It could be that I am an "old wife"
but I think this is worth sharing.
In our area of Texas we have bushes
known as Purple Sage.
Most of the time they are dusty, silver gray.
But sometimes they like to show off with
beautiful purple blooms.
Now the old wife part.
When the Purple Sage blooms,
it will rain within 10 days.
It can rain without them blooming
but when they bloom it will rain. It was about 15 years ago that I heard that,
so I began to pay attention.
When you live in a very dry area you pay
attention to anything having to do with rain.
In all those years, I have only witnessed one time
that it did not rain within the 10 days.
And another intersting thing I have noticed
is the brighter the blooms are, the heavier the
rain will be. The sages popped out bright
purple blossoms Sunday. That means
by next Wednesday it should rain!!!
"Let It Rain"
Let it rain. Let it rain.
Open the windows of heaven! Let it rain!

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