Sunday, November 15, 2009

King of Kings W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Part 2

Welcome back!
I removed the tape that was protecting
the work I had already done.
The image is King of Kings-King Jesus.
The throne is the mercy seat.
I painted over the cherubim.
As I began to re-read Exodus
and the pattern of the tabernacle
and the mercy seat, I discovered that it
seems that the cherubim were standing.
Most artistic interpretations of the
mercy seat show them kneeling.

Now for the challenge of painting gold
without using metallic gold. So far, so good.
I like the gold effect but not His face.
I gave Him white hair from
the Revelation description
As I was painting the wings and feathers,
I turned my easel so that I could
watch a movie with Joe.
We watched "The Christmas Cottage".
It is the story of Thomas Kinade and
how he became the painter of light.
It was so inspirational.
Nathalie Kelley-the painter of ________?
One day !
Come back soon to see the finished painting.

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