Saturday, November 14, 2009

King of Kings W.I.P. (Work In Progress)

This post will be in three or four parts,
so stay with me. This doesn't look like
much right now but I think you will be
pleasantly surprised. Right now it looks
like a black and white cow!
I started this painting during the
His Joy Ministries "Worship Explosion".
I painted a rainbow (3 times).
I was never happy with the way that it looked.
So I blocked it out and started over. It looks like a mess right now
but I think I am finally on the track
to capture what I imagined.
I taped over the Jesus image so
I wouldn't have so much to redo (I thought)!
No rainbow this time,
just an explosion of rainbow colors,
the colors of God's promise.An old toothbrush and some
thinned white paint and what do you get?
Splatter, spots...STARS!
A few thin white lines this way and that and
Shooting stars or comets or
galaxies celebrating the King!
Be sure to come back for the
rest of the picture.
Thanks for stopping by.

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