Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Ornament Exchange

For over a decade I have been part
of an ornament exchange group.
There are 12 of us, crafty creative friends.
Some have been in the group the entire time
and some have moved or left for other reasons.
When that happens there is someone
anxiously waiting to be part of the group.
Every year each one makes 12 ornaments. This is mine for this year.
In case you would like to make your own
peppermint ornament here are a few instructions.
I used a spice jar lid to make my circle.
Then I added a small ruffled
"fan" shape at both ends. I cut my pattern out of card stock and
then transferred the design to thin wood.
I had some scraps of thin birch or ash
cabinet grade plywood.
This was perfect for my project. Next, I cut out my shapes using a band saw.
It has been awhile since I have cut
crafty little shapes with this saw. Here is my stack of blank ornaments.
I drilled a hole for the hanger and
then sanded front and back.
I softly rounded of the front edges.
All the ornaments were base coated in
white acrylic. Using graphite paper,
I transferred the swirls to the ornament.
2 coats of red.
I floated a dusty blue around the
edges to give it some dimension.
And I added a few white highlights
to make it look like cellophane.
The exchange is Thursday night (tomorrow).
This is supposed to be the last one.
We will gather and eat, laugh, tell stories,
reminisce, ooh and ahh over all the ornaments.
We each get one each of all the ornaments.
12 new ornaments!
We have meet long enough to that I have well over
100 handcrafted ornaments made by precious friends.
What great memories!

Oh yes! I almost forgot to tell you.
On the back of my ornament I wrote,

"JESUS, sweetest name I know!"

Remember that Jesus is
the reason for the season!

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