Friday, January 8, 2010

Photoshop Class

I am taking an online class to learn Photoshop.
It is a stretch. I am learning to use layers,
brushes, filters, blur tools and lots and
lots of other cool applications. This is my second project.


  1. Nathalie, it's gorgeous!!! Thank you for posting about the scrapbook technique book! I am going to look for it on Amazon. DJ's class is too advanced for me. She's a sweetheart though! I need Photoshop to learn how to do layers and repeats, borders, things like that for my product designs. I think the scrapbook techniques might also help because I'm sure they're more simply written than professional books. I do have one Photoshop 7 book that I bought from a supplier in the UK that is fairly easy to understand and to which I'll refer when necessary. But thank you so much for the tip about the book!
    You are doing GREAT with the classes! You obviously have more experience than I do!

  2. On Jacqueline Gnotts blog she mentioned that you made a comment about her DVD- so I came over here to see your work and what you thought of the DVD- and then I see you are taking DJ Pettitts online workshop- so am I! Isn't it a small world! I didnt' know that she has DVD's and am interested in them. I love her watercolors!
    thanks, Elizabeth Parsons


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