Sunday, March 14, 2010

King of Glory Hand Painted Silk Flag

One of my silk flag customers
wanted a "King Of Glory" design.
I thought and prayed over many
different concepts -regular crown, crown of thorns,
letters and rays of glory, etc. etc...
Then I remembered!!!
25 years ago I made this very ornate
and heavy fabric banner. I have always loved the
image and the elegance.
This banner has graced many
awesome worship services over 2 decades.

I reproduced the design so I could transfer it to silk.
The outline is made using resist for
the serti technique, a silk painting technique.
I love this technique. It is sort of stained
glass on fabric but staying in the lines
can be tricky. Silk dye can be tricky to control
and sometimes it just doesn't want to mind at all.
I have had some real disappointments with color
going where it's not supposed to go.
It jumps over the resist, another color gets too close
and pulls the original color in a direction the
I did not intend for it to go. I don't like to discard
a project, so I stand back, stretch the creativity
just a bit more and redeem the mess! (That will preach!)

This one was exciting to me!
There were no mishaps! No redos!
And I love it! More than that-
Oh yes, the finished flag (1st image) -
I have added a crown!
Thanks for stopping by!

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