Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Apricots in a Paper Sack - Watercolor

This spring we had abundant rains
and the last cold snap was not cold
enough to kill the young blossoms.
In 16 years this is only the second time
that our apricot tree has produced fruit.
I gathered the fruit just a little bit green and
put it in a brown paper sack to ripen.
After a fews days -

First- peel, pit and put some in the freezer.
Next, a painting, of course.
Tomorrow, fried pies.
Apricot fried pies are my favorites fried pies
We thought about cutting down the
tree since year after year it did not bear
fruit but we decided to leave it in hopes
that it would eventually.
It had fruit once before and maybe it would again.

God sees the potential in each of us even when
we are in the barren, unfruitful seasons of our life.
He knows the plans He has for us,
for a hope and a future...

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