Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giant Leap!

Tomorrow is my last day at work.
After 10 years as a purchaser at our local prison,
I am taking early retirement.
We found at little shop just a half block off the square.
It's on the busiest, main street-location, location.
Doesn't look too bad here.But, looks can be deceiving!!!
I will change the sign and the broken front door
is now fixed. It smelled really bad.
Old and closed up, musty, moldy...not now.
The ceiling tile looked like patchwork
and the light fixtures resembled vintage ice trays.
The landlord told us we could do whatever
we wanted to. The ceiling tile and lights are gone,
revealing an embossed tin ceiling underneath
The old carpet and tile is also gone.

I will post more pictures of the progress later.
Be sure and stop back by.

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