Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photoshop Texture Tuesday

I love my photoshop and use just about every day.
Enhancing and adding textures were a challenge
UNTIL I found the web site of Kim Klaussen Cafe.
There was a ton of great information there,
but also Kim sends a free texture out each week when
you sign up to be on the email list.
I am loving her texures and recipes.
These are fantastic textures to work with.

Today is my first time participating in Texture Tuesdays
where a picture is enhanced with texture and shared.
Although I am a beginner, her instructions are very easy to follow!
I took this photo yesterday. It was drizzly and over cast.
Praise God for the moisture. It has been so dry here.
Here's my before and after. Kind of looks like some of
the wild fires we have had here.

Kim's texture that I used was Pumpkin Grunge.

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