Saturday, August 20, 2011

3 Chilies in Watercolor Class

When I was in the produce section at the grocery store
I spotted these Anaheim Chilies. I picked these 3 that were
changing colors and I knew they would be fun to paint.

It was so fun that I taught in this weeks class
I am so loving teaching my watercolor classes.  I love
seeing their work, how they are progressing, 
and the friendships that are growing
Last week we had a special treat. 
We met at Laurie's house. She is such a gracious hostess.
She has a beautiful home and we enjoyed a yummy brunch
and then splashed around in the paint while 
Zach splashed around in her pool.

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  1. why do i not get your updates? hmmm...i cannot figure it out. however, this looks fun! and i am glad that you are able to share your gift. :) one day i would like to try this.


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