Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teaching a Watercolor Class

"Geraniums and Clay Pots" 
This will be the watercolor class lesson today.
I started teaching a watercolor class in February of this year. 
It has been an amazing time. 
Them: Why do you mix those colors? 
Why does her green look different than my green? 
How did you do that? Oh my! I have a bloom! 
Now, what do I do? My painting doesn't look like your painting? 
Me: (Not the answers to the above questions) 
Wow! That turned out nice! I really like that effect!
Let's see if we can fix that. Hmm!?! 
What if you add a ...? Wait! Don't get ahead of me. 
You need more water. You need more pigment...
You know who has learned the most by teaching the class?

One of my favorite teaching quotes:
"Tell me and I will probably forget.
Show me and I might remember.
Involve me and I will never forget.."
That is the method that I try to use in my classes.
Check be later and I will show you what we did in class today.

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