Thursday, August 22, 2013

Embellishing Edges Art Journal with Valerie

Shame on me for not posting this sooner.
I signed up for this class as soon as Valerie launched it. 
That was May 26th.
*This is mine - not Valerie's*
I immediately watched the videos. 
It was a few days before I made my book (June). 

Then, I had to figure out what I was going to
put in my beautiful little journal. 
I know! I will use my personal prayer and goal for 2013. 
 *Note - my prayer was not just "Create" *

I cut my edges (July). And then started my pen work. 
That was the beginning of August. 

 I had to coat my pages with gel medium 
and then let them dry.
Then decide the colors!!!

I finally started getting some color on the pages.

*There's the first part of the prayer*

Sometimes the washing is a gentle little bubble bath 
and sometimes it is rub-a-dub-dub you're in for a scrub!!!

I used the colors of the rainbow as a reminder of his promises!
They are Yes and Amen!

 Just a glimpse at my heart (the page on the left). 
By this time I was getting ready to be finished.
Seriously, almost 3 months. 
So, I used 2 of my gelli prints. One on the inside
of the front cover and the one with the daisies.

And this promise from Him from Ezekiel, I love!!! 
Yes, He will!

So when I feel all wormy and in a dark place 
and... well, you know! I have to remind myself...

Trust Him! He wants me to have a clean heart, too.
So I do my part and repent. 
And He gets busy washing, renewing and restoring.

Here's the outside

Has a bit of 60's and 70's influence on it.
That's groovy cause I gave my heart to Jesus 41 years ago
during the Jesus Movement!

Thank you, Valerie for this outstanding mini-workshop!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
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